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Animal mutilations: the results of an alien experimentation?

Some of us have seen awful and graphic photographs of mutilated animals that were unbearable to look at, allegedly carry out by UFOs. For many years, bemused farmers have been finding the mutilated corpses of their livestock. These incidents were first noticed in the United States in the early 1960s, but subsequently have been witnessed all over the world. Nobody knows what is killing these animals, but there have been many attempts to explain the phenomenon. Are these cases the work of extraterrestrials?  

Animal mutilation (or cattle mutilation) is the discovery of dead farm and/or domestic animals with missing body parts. In most cases, these are soft tissues such as lips, tongue, skin, muscles of the lower jaw, rectum, genitalia, eyeballs, tail, mammary glands and ears. The wounds are not jagged as done by carnivores, but apparently have been cut with laser-like or surgical precision. In other cases, the edges of the cuts appeared uniformly serrated with lesions consistent with electrosurgery. Large heavy animals with large amount of blood in their bodies, like cows and horses, usually have multiple body parts and internal organs removed with no blood found where the carcasses are laid. They were completely drained of blood and their internal organs are often described as being in a "mushy" state.

Who or what could be causing this?:

Could all these inexplicable animal deaths occurring worldwide be the result of alien experimentation? These mutilations, if aliens are the culprits, are evidence that we are not alone in this universe. These visitors from other worlds are not only responsible for the deaths and mutilations of thousands of cattle, horses, cats and other domestic animals around the world, they are also responsible for numerous human abductions for the purpose of  experimenting with reproductive surgery and in one known case, for the mutilation of a  human being in Brazil.

Aerial Indications:

The evidence only points in one direction, that the carcasses were dropped from the sky since in some cases broken branches had been found next to the mutilated animals near trees. In addition, mutilated cows have been found atop of fences or in fields with their legs and backs broken. Obviously, they have fallen from a great height.

In one case, a mutilated deer was found atop of a power grid pole (see the photos). How did it get up there? There are no tire tracks and footprints on the scene. Did the animal fall from the sky or is it a hoax? Who would go to such lengths to place a deer atop a power pole?

The total absence of any physical evidence of any kind around the affected carcasses is one of the biggest mysteries surrounding this phenomenon. Such lack of even footprints, tire tracks and more importantly the lack of a physical struggle do support the notion that the animals have been dropped from considerable heights, after the mutilations were performed.

Surveillance teams and investigators have not produced any evidence as to whom or what is butchering these animals. However, UFOs have been seen in the skies near where the mutilations have taken place.  Some reports have mentioned that the mutilated animals were found lying in the middle of perfectly round areas where the vegetation looked as if it had been burned. 

Predator Absence:

The aerial aspect could also explain why there is no indication that the animals died as a result of predatory attacks or accidents. A very unusual natural deviation occurs where the remains are found. Scavengers will not feed upon or even approach the remains, despite the abundance of fresh meat left. Any flies, a common aspect of carrion, are dead on the carcasses.

Organ and tissue removal is done with perfect surgical precision. The affected areas of the body do not show rips and tears as are evident in predator attacks. The incisions have been done with such fine precision that only a laser could produce such surgical exactitude. There is evidence of cauterization, the act of fusing of blood vessels and tissues using heat or chemical methods. Bones are also clearly sliced with no bone fragments present. Areas of flesh are also severed with high- tech precision.

Bloodless bodies:

The animals chosen; horses, cattle, buffalo, and deer are all large and can have as much as four gallons (15 liters) of blood in a body weighing, sometimes, in excess of a thousand pounds (454 kilograms). The carcasses are completely drained without any trace of blood, a condition known as exsanguinations, and yet, not one drop of blood is found around the body. Other body fluids are also conspicuously absent. The process of draining such a large body of all blood and fluids requires a lab setting and highly sophisticated equipment, something certainly not commonly found on cattle ranches and in the forests. Removing all traces of those fluids from the body and the surrounding environment requires a technology not currently found on this planet. 

The surroundings:

No evidence of blood, tracks, or predators stands out as an anomaly, but is not the only abnormal aspect at the sites where the animal remains are found. High levels of radiation are detected, although no logical explanation for this presence has been found. Plants in the immediate vicinity, at times appear to be extraordinarily lush, only to wither and die in a short time. This shows a total change in the organisms not explained by orthodox understanding. A fluorescent material of unknown origin has often been observed covering the bodies. Another unusual substance is also found around the carcasses. Minute particles of magnetic iron, in a very pure form, are present in high concentrations in the immediate area. Again, no logical explanation for this is to be found. It should be pointed out that such traces of pure iron are also found in crop circle anomalies.


In view of the preceding facts, the aliens are the culprits. What are they up to? Obviously they are up to something. It is apparent that alien abductions and animal mutilations lead to the same purpose, to the study of our reproductive systems and internal organs. When a human is abducted, he or she is subjected to embarrassing and humiliating medical procedures e.g., the taking of semen sample in men and the alien impregnation of women. The removal of the reproductive organs in animals would result in the same conclusions. This indicates that they’re interested in the reproductive systems of every living creature on Earth, including humans.

Why do they want to study our reproductive system? Perhaps they’re looking for a way to control our birthrates or they want to produce hybrids since they are a dying race and must pass on their genes to hybrids to maintain their existence. Either they cannot reproduce or cannot reproduce in enough numbers to sustain their species' viability.

And there is another possibility in accordance with the cruelty of this phenomenon; it is possible that they are studying our bodies to find out how fragile and fallible we are when they invade this planet? This is just my own theory since they have no regard or consideration for any living creature here on Earth, including humanity.


Thank you for providing a comprehensive analysis of the animal mutilation mystery, and I compliment the author for providing a new and viable explanation for why these cruel procedures are occurring. Yes, to the author's point, they may be studying the fallibility of life on Earth. How else to explain a blatant and vile disregard for life. Please keep writing!!!!!

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