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Four Canadian rock musicians abducted by aliens after gigging at a party


An extraordinary event occurred back in 1973 on a lonely road near Jordan, Ontario (Canada) when four members of a rock band encountered what appeared to be aliens on their way home. This is a very strange case due to the multiple witnesses involved, making it synonymous with many other famous UFO and alien sighting cases known around the world.

An unknown person asks for a ride home:

Late at night in 1973, after performing at a party, Tom Campbell and three members of his rock band proceeded outside and began loading their musical instruments inside the van when a stranger, whom they had not noticed at the party, approached and asked for a ride home. They agreed to let him accompany them. After loading the last of the instruments on board, they entered the van and headed for home.

A saucer resting in the middle of the road:

For some unexplainable reason they took a service road that bordered the Queen Elizabeth Highway on the north and Lake Ontario on the south. Close to Charles Paley Park, the driver saw lights up ahead and thought that there had probably been an accident. Upon stopping, those in the rear of the van, including Tom, were curious as to what had happened. The driver exclaimed, "I think you had better take a look at this." Upon doing so, they were astonished to see a saucer shaped object sitting in the middle of the road. When the driver attempted to turn around he found that, despite his very best efforts, he couldn't turn. Even worse, the van appeared to be floating sideways and moving towards the saucer.

The van floats toward the saucer:

The drummer, who was in the front passenger seat, suggested to the driver to put his foot on the brake pedal. When Tom looked out the window, he noticed that the van appeared not resting on the road but rather soaring in the air. The van came to a halt within thirty feet (9 meters) of the craft. Soon thereafter, they observed what appeared to be small figures getting out of the craft. The next thing that was heard was the door handle on the driver's side rattling.

Aliens approach the van:

Tom could hear footsteps moving down alongside the van to the rear door. At the same time, he saw outside the head of a peculiar being pass the side window. It had white cream-colored skin with black eyes. Suddenly the mysterious hitchhiker leaned forward and opened the side door. When he did so, the occupants of the van saw four alien beings looking inside. One of them promptly climbed in, yet his head did not reach the ceiling of the van.

In the dim light, his features were not very clear. Apparently, he had no ears, and a small mouth. His facial muscle showed concern, probably because Tom was contemplating attacking them, but was unable to move. The alien telepathically informed Tom that his hostile thoughts made him concerned for the safety of his crew. That it was not their intention to harm the band members and that their mission was one of peace.

Three band members escorted to the UFO:

They wanted to examine three members of the group. At that point, the alien "captain", who was inside the van, turned around and caught his foot in the tripod of the snare drum, which promptly rolled out onto the road. One of the aliens picked it up and returned it to the van. Three of the band members and the aliens walked by the side of the van and entered the saucer through an egg-shaped doorway, steps were visible and a hallway further down on a curve to the left.

The musicians are physically examined:

Entering the craft, they saw three chrome cots on wheels. At which point they were asked to undress and then to sit on the cots. Soon Tom saw one of the little humanoids wheeling a cart over towards him with what looked like a tray of instruments on it. Some looked like dental probes, and lights. Soon the three captives were taken into separate rooms in which the aliens collected different body samples.

The bass player also escorted to the craft:

Later the three band members were escorted to the door of the craft. Subsequently the bass player was also escorted inside the craft and underwent the same exams that the others received. When the musicians reentered the van, everyone just sat there like zombies and the stranger that had asked for a ride was gone. Later they drove home with no recollection of the events. Most of their memories were retrieved years later under hypnosis.


The stranger that needed a lift home may have deliberately led them to the aliens. I find it very odd that they did not noticed this individual at the party and they subsequently took a service road instead of the usual route home.  When seeing the aliens surrounding the van, the stranger opened the van door for the aliens to come in and subsequently the musicians were escorted inside the craft to undergo a physical examination. But the stranger was not examined by the aliens and suddenly disappeared.

Although not clear in this report, it is quite obvious that those aliens were the grays based on Tom’s descriptions, the fact that they communicated telepathically with him and the physical examination that the musicians underwent. This is a typical characteristic of the grays, because according to most ufologists and people abducted by them, the grays only seek us human in general for experiments unlike many other alien types. 


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