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The alien abduction of Argentinian Julio Platner


One of the best-known alien abduction cases in Argentina occurred in the province of La Pampa. The abductee, Julio Platner, a farmer and merchant of the small village of Winifreda, went through a nightmarish experience after a routine trip to a friend’s house.

Winifreda was at the time a village of 1,700 inhabitants, is located at 670 kilometers from Rosario and 45 Kilometers north of Santa Rosa, capital of La Pampa. Like most residents of this sleepy town, Julio Platner, 33 years old at the time, was dedicated to the grain farming business. A simple person of few words, who rarely read stories in the newspapers that drew attention and was seen as a good companion.

The story:

On the afternoon of August 9, 1983, Julio Platner visited Don Antonio Fisher’s farm, located about 10 kilometers from the town of Winifreda, to manage a sale of grain. The friendly chat lasted longer than expected and at about 7:30 pm (19:30 hrs.), Platner chose to go home. Fisher accompanied him to where he had parked his pick-up truck and before leaving, he asked platner to be sure to lock the gate to prevent from escaping a group of horses that were loose on the farm.

While Platner headed towards the farm entrance, he saw a reflection among the trees, but did not find it important. When he got to the gate, he exited his truck to open it and then watched a luminous mass of light lunging at him, which looked like the light of an "autonomous welder" and produced a sound similar to a turbine. He instinctively tried to cover his face with his right arm, but lost consciousness.

An amazing experience:

When he came around, he found himself on a stretcher or "a chair, similar to that used by dentists", surrounded by four beings who were watching him attentively. As he could notice, the room was large and spherical, without noticeable corners and the walls seemed to be covered with upholstery since in certain areas he noticed something like "swellings." The place was well lit, but Platner could not identify any conventional light source. To his right he observed a kind of a "display window" which stood out because its brilliance contrasted with the rest of the surroundings, which was more opaque and did not show any details. Platner estimated that he remained in the room for about five minutes.

The beings who were accompanying him had an anthropomorphic shape, were proportionate in height, estimated at 1.60 meters (about 5 feet). Two of them were in front of the abductee and the other two on each side and slightly behind him. One of the beings had breasts, so Platner identified this one as a female. She was restraining Platner’s right shoulder with her left hand.

The eyes of these beings were large, round, fixed and had no eyelids. Instead of being sunken in a cavity, they protruded from the face and Platner affirmed that in the middle of each eye "there was another eye glued on top of the other." The lips were thin, similar to those of humans and the nose was flat and had two small holes.

Their movements were smooth and slow, and gave the sensation that they were sliding rather than walking. Platner described the clothes as a "one-piece adjusted to the body" of a gray-greenish color, but gave him the impression that it was integrated with the skin, with no noticeable seams or edges on the fabric.  

Platner, who tried to communicate, could not make a sound and could not hear what the beings were saying as they moved their lips. He ensured that the female entity telepathically informed him that he could mention what just happened to him, but she also assured him in advance that not everyone is going to believe him. A second message urged him to calm down.

Platner remembers that the silence was total, that the temperature was absolutely normal and that he didn’t feel the hand resting on his right shoulder. At one point, he tried to get up but his head hit a barrier that he couldn’t see. He doesn’t remember getting hurt, but rather felt paralyzed. When observing his own body, he realized that they had removed his jacket, the sweater, the watch and still had on his shirt, although the sleeve on his left arm was rolled up.

The female looking being maintained her left hand on his right shoulder and the other beings applied on his left wrist a transparent tube of about 20 centimeters with a flexible extreme that ended in a sphere. The being moved the object over the surface of his left arm and stopped at the elbow pit. The tube was filled halfway with blood that, according to Platner, seemed to ascend in a swirling fashion. After the extraction, they urged him to stand up, which Platner did with some insecurity. The last thing he could remember was that the beings suddenly disappeared.

The awakening:

Platner regained consciousness inside his truck. Approximately forty minutes had passed since the glow of light pounced on him. He sat with his hands on the steering wheel and remembered that "I wasn’t missing anything. I had my watch and was fully clothed again. I even had the jacket closed halfway as before, something that caught my attention because the zipper has a defect at the bottom and it is difficult to fasten. The key was in place, but the engine was off, the same with the high beams, which before were turned on. The vehicle started without problems."

He immediately recognized the place and he realized that he was on a country road about 17 kilometers from the access gate of the Fisher farm. Then he remembered that Fisher had asked him to close the gate, so he returned to the place. Platner said that just when he got out to close the gate, he became aware of the strange experience he had lived. He positioned himself in front of the pick-up truck’s headlights and noticed that he had marks on his left arm, from which blood was still gushing out.

Platner got into his vehicle and drove to his workplace in Winifreda. He arrived at Nervi S.A. at approximately 8:30 pm (20:30 hrs.), but did not say anything to his coworkers. He remained there until 9:00 pm (21:00 hrs.), and then went home. His wife noticed that he was disturbed and at her insistence, Platner told her what happened. She recommended that he visit Adolfo Pizarro the next day, the family physician.

The Doctor's finding:

Dr. Pizarro examined the marks and found that the injury on the wrist appeared as a simple scraping. The mark displayed on the elbow pit was a puncture on a vein similar to what remains after an extraction of blood. The doctor believed that the puncture did not seem to have been produced by an ordinary syringe, since it featured several small holes and the superficial mark did not show evidence of a hematoma.


This fascinating story is a typical alien abduction, except that this abductee recalls everything that happened without the need of hypnotic regression. Being aware of what had occurred and the injuries sustained to him, it reminds me of the Brazilian Antonio Villas Boas alien abduction case, which occurred back in 1957. You could read about him in this website here. The Antonio Villas Boas case, in memories of alien abductions, was the first one recorded.


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