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The UFO disappearance of Australian pilot Frederick Valentich


The Frederick Valentich disappearance has become one of the most celebrated UFO events in modern history. Many other airplanes have disappeared over the sea before. However, the Valentich case has shown that a UFO was actually involved in his disappearance as he described its physical appearance over the radio and explained how the strange craft circled him, hovered over his plane, which then caused him to disappear without a trace.

The UFO encounter:

On October 21, 1978, at about 6:19 pm (18.19 hrs.), twenty-year old Australian pilot, Frederick Valentich, a pilot with a Class 4 instrument rating and 150 hours of flight experience, took off in his Cessna 182L plane from Moorabbin Airport in Melbourne to pick up three or four friends at King Island. 

While flying over the Bass Strait (between mainland Australia and Tasmania) at about 7:06 pm (19.06 hrs.), Valentich asked Melbourne Air Traffic Control  if there were any known traffic below five thousand feet (1,524 meters) and advised that he was being accompanied by a strange aircraft. Moorabbin Airport control tower replied that no aircraft was detected on radar.

The chilling conversation between Valentich and the air traffic controller Stephen Robey (see the transcript below) lasted for a while as he described the strange craft as being long, with four green lights and having a shiny metallic surface. He also described the object’s unusual actions as it trailed him, circled him and stated unequivocally, "it is hovering and it’s not an aircraft ".

The transcript of Valentich’s final communication with flight control:

7:06:14 pm (Valentich): Melbourne, this is Delta Sierra Juliet. Is there any known traffic below five thousand? (1,524 meters)
(Flight Service; Stephen Robey): Delta Sierra Juliet, no known traffic.
(Valentich): Delta Sierra Juliet, I am, seems to be a large aircraft below five thousand.
7:06:44 pm (Flight Service): Delta Sierra Juliet, What type of aircraft is it?
(Valentich): Delta Sierra Juliet, I cannot affirm, it is four bright, and it seems to me like landing lights.
(Flight Service): Delta Sierra Juliet.
7:07:31 pm (Valentich): Melbourne, this is Delta Sierra Juliet, the aircraft has just passed over me at least a thousand feet (305 meters) above.
(Flight Service): Delta Sierra Juliet, roger, and it is a large aircraft, confirmed?
(Valentich): Er-unknown, due to the speed it's travelling, is there any air force aircraft in the vicinity?
(Flight Service): Delta Sierra Juliet, no known aircraft in the vicinity.
7:08:18 pm (Valentich): Melbourne, it's approaching now from due east towards me.
(Flight Service): Delta Sierra Juliet.
7:08:41 pm (Valentich): (open microphone for two seconds.)
7:08:48 pm (Valentich): Delta Sierra Juliet, it seems to me that he's playing some sort of game, he's flying over me two, three times at speeds I could not identify.
(Flight Service): Delta Sierra Juliet, roger, what is your actual level?
(Valentich): My level is four and a half thousand, four five zero zero.
(Flight Service): Delta Sierra Juliet and you confirm you cannot identify the aircraft?
(Valentich): Affirmative.
(Flight Services): Delta Sierra Juliet, roger, standby.
7:09:27 pm (Valentich): Melbourne, Delta Sierra Juliet, it's not an aircraft it is (open microphone for two seconds).
7:09:42 pm (Flight Service): Delta Sierra Juliet, can you describe the - er - aircraft?
(Valentich): Delta Sierra Juliet, as it's flying past it's a long shape (open microphone for three seconds) cannot identify more than it has such speed (open microphone for three seconds). It's before me right now Melbourne.
7:10 pm (Flight Service): Delta Sierra Juliet, roger and how large would the - er - object be?
7:10:19 pm (Valentich): Delta Sierra Juliet, Melbourne, it seems like it's chasing me. What I'm doing right now - is orbiting and the thing is just orbiting on top of me also. It's got a green light and sort of metallic like, it's all shiny on the outside.
(Flight Service): Delta Sierra Juliet
7:10:46 pm (Valentich): Delta Sierra Juliet (open microphone for three seconds) It's just vanished.
(Flight Service): Delta Sierra Juliet.
7:11:00 pm (Valentich): Melbourne, would you know what kind of aircraft I've got? Is it a military aircraft?
(Flight Service): Delta Sierra Juliet, Confirm the - er ~ aircraft just vanished.
(Valentich): Say again.
(Flight Service): Delta Sierra Juliet, is the aircraft still with you?
(Valentich): Delta Sierra Juliet; it's (open microphone for two seconds) now approaching from the south-west.
(Flight Service): Delta Sierra Juliet
7:11:50 pm (Valentich): Delta Sierra Juliet, the engine is rough-idling. I've got it set at twenty three twenty-four and the thing is "coughing".
(Flight Service): Delta Sierra Juliet, roger, what are your intentions?
(Valentich): My intentions are - ah - to go to King Island - ah - Melbourne. That strange aircraft is hovering on top of me again (open microphone for two seconds). It is hovering and (open microphone for one second) it's not an aircraft.
(Flight Service): Delta Sierra Juliet.
7:12:28 pm (Valentich): Delta Sierra Juliet. Melbourne (open microphone for seventeen seconds).
Suddenly at about 7:12 pm (19.12 hrs.) an unidentifiable clicking noise came over the air traffic controller’s radio, which lasted 17 seconds, described as being "metallic, scraping sounds", then all contact was lost. He was not heard from again.

Search and rescue commence:

Valentich failed to arrive at King Island by 7:33 pm (19:33 hrs.), and a search and rescue was immediately initiated. A flotilla of sea vessels crisscrossed Bass Strait with several aircraft, which included two RAAF P-3 Orion aircraft. They searched over a four-day period until October 25, 1978. Valentich’s aircraft was equipped with four life jackets and an emergency radio beacon, and was designed to stay afloat for several minutes. No evidence was found to suggest that there had been a crash and no trace of Valentich or his aircraft was foundAustralian Department of Transport investigation concluded that the reason for the disappearance could not be determined.   


The Frederick Valentich encounter provides an excellent case for study. An incident can be compared with several other encounters where objects have revealed similar characteristics such as magnetic effects, ignition failure as well as communication failures etc. There is no doubt in my mind that the disappearance of Frederick Valentich and his Cessna was caused by a UFO. One does not know whether he went up, down or was disintegrated. The electromagnetic effect from the UFO may have stalled his engine (since he did report the engine was rough-idling or "coughing") and caused him to crash into the water. There is also the possibility that the mystery sound, which ended the transmission between Melbourne Flight Service and the pilot, was the sound of his aircraft in the early stages of disintegration. Another possibility is that persons or entities may have jammed his radio frequency deliberately.


This is a detailed and truthful account of what happened to Frederick Valentich on October 21st 1978, as I remember it reported in the newspapers and on television at the time.
George Simpson. Director AUFORN Victoria.

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