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The Alien Abduction of Chilean Army Corporal Valdés


This fascinating story, the alien abduction of a Chilean army corporal Armando Valdés Garrido, is a very intriguing and interesting case which, in my opinion, is the most significant abduction in the history of UFOs. The Chilean army corporal disappeared after a visual contact with a UFO while his men, a patrol consisting of seven men, looked on. Fifteen minutes later, he returned with a five day grown beard and his digital watch indicated that five days had gone by. Did the UFO which abducted him enter a time warp?

The experience of the military patrol:

On the night of Sunday, April 25, 1977, a Chilean military patrol composed of eight soldiers of the Chilean armed forces was under the command of Corporal Armando Valdés Garrido. They were on a routine guard duty in the chilly hills of Pampas Lluscuma in Northern Chile near the border with Bolivia and Peru. The camp was about 300 kilometers from the city of Arica, and the town of Putre was about five kilometers (three miles) away.

The night was very cold, between 5 and 20 degrees Celsius below zero (between +23 and -4 degrees Fahrenheit). The soldiers sought to escape the nocturnal freeze by taking refuge in the stables where approximately 360 military horses were located. They started a fire to keep warm and around it were Corporal Armando Valdés Garrido and conscripted soldiers Julio Enrique Rojas Suarez, German Riquelme Valle, Iván Robles Mella, Humberto Rojas Véliz, and Raúl Salinas Vásquez.

Two soldiers, Juan Reyes and Pedro Rosales Arancibia, were on guard duty some ten meters (33 feet) away, at the gate of the stables to keep the horses from escaping. This was a prudent distance to maintain contact by voice, as the night was too dark for the troops to see each other. While around the campfire, the soldiers not on guard sang and joked with each other.

Suddenly, shortly before 4:00 am, the soldier on guard duty named Pedro Rosales came running saying: "My corporal ... there is a light that is moving from the sky, it’s coming down". The soldiers noticed that this light was coming down a mount and was getting closer to them each time. The light was very powerful, of a whitish color, so intense that illuminated everything. Panic began to take over the members of the patrol.

As they watched attentively, the light came down behind the hill and a glowing light source began to emanate from behind it, as if something had landed there. The corporal ordered some soldiers to go with him on horseback to the hill to investigate the phenomenon. While his back was turned when saddling the horse, the soldiers warned him, “My Corporal, see here the light!” He turned around and found himself facing a huge glowing object, positioned about five hundred meters (1,640 feet) from them. According to the soldiers, it was another light that had come down from the hill. It was described as being a violet colored oval shaped craft about 25 meters (82 feet) in diameter with two luminous points of deep red color lights flashing like a beacon.

Corporal Valdés immediately ordered the fire to be covered with a blanket and, at the same time, to form a chain with each other crossing their arms. Supposedly the light reacted, moving away and then almost immediately, approached the patrol’s location considerably and silently, illuminating the whole terrain. Some members of the patrol began to pray and others the panic made them cry. They were paralyzed with fear seeing the object rapidly approaching them.

This was when corporal Valdés decided to approach the object to about 15 meters. A little agitated by the situation, shouted, "In the name of God identify yourselves!" without obtaining a response. He then again shouted, “identify yourselves!" but again nothing happened. Then as he continued to near the luminosity, a mist caused the patrol to lose sight of him. It was exactly 4:15 am, in the morning. The soldiers, surprised, supposed that the non-commissioned officer had walked toward the other side. Their immediate reaction was to search for the corporal. They called to Valdés and desperately looked for him in the stables, without results.

When fifteen minutes had elapsed (at 4:30 am), the same way he left, he returned. They did not hear footsteps, but rather felt something hit the ground like a bundle on the other side of the stone wall, like if something had fallen from above. Then could hear Valdés saying "boys...” before collapsing unconsciously. The soldiers picked him up and carried him over to the fire, or rather to what was left of it.

While they were covering him up with a blanket, his subordinates noticed that corporal Valdés had grown a beard to several millimeters long even though everyone had just shaven. And his digital watch indicated the date of April 30, 1977, five days later. In a trance like state, he stared at his men, pop-eyed, and told them in a strange voice (not with his own vocal characteristics), "You do not know who we are or where we come from... but we shall return”. He laughed and according to the soldiers he had spasms and struggled for them to let him loose, until he fell asleep. Corporal Valdés finally recovered at about seven in the morning.

When he woke up, the non-commissioned officer felt better. His beard remained as the only vestige of the strange experience of the day before. His digital watch, stopped at 4:15 a.m. (the exact time he was abducted) and the calendar on the watch indicated April 30, 1977, (five days later) but soon thereafter his watch would again function normally.

A few weeks after the encounter, Armando Valdés Garrido was sent to Santiago, Chile (the capital) for the purpose of being admitted to the Military Hospital, though some examinations were done in the Psychiatric Hospital. There he was seen by psychiatrist Raúl Molina Bravo, who has declined to answer questions, on the basis of doctor-patient confidentiality.


All the men, including Corporal Valdés, were clean shaven at the time and it appeared that he had grown a beard over five days. It was like he had traveled in a different space-time dimension for five days and had returned only fifteen minutes later. So, what was fifteen minutes on Earth to his fellow men was five days to Corporal Valdés. Was it possible that the aliens abducted Corporal Valdés and kept him for five days but somehow were able to return him at 4:30 am? More importantly, was time accelerated from Valdés perspective in the fifteen minutes he disappeared? How about the five-day calendar indication on his watch? What about the beard that he grew when he was returned? As much as I like reading on subjects like the Bermuda Triangle, quantum physics, UFO encounters, time travel and extraterrestrial beings, this incident surely fascinates me.

By Nelson C. Rivera (PRUFON)


im 14 and i know aliens exist due to fact that there are so many trainagle formations in the sky at the night and the believe that humans have declared war with the aliens and are most likely losing

At the calling - in the name of God Identify yourselves - he felt that the entity laughed and had the impression he was in front of something very evil!

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