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The extraterrestrial incident of Varginha, Brazil

The extraterrestrial incident of Varginha, Brazil is, without doubt, the most comparable case to Roswell. This incident is well known in Brazil and the world as a case in which the aliens were seen by many witnesses, then captured by the military and being denied by the government. According to investigations conducted by Brazilian ufologists, the two creatures (one dead and one alive) caught in Varginha were transferred to the United States. This case is truly the Brazilian Roswell.

Firefighters receive an anonymous phone call:

At 8:00 am, on the morning of January 20, 1996, the fire department of the city of Varginha in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, received an anonymous phone call. The person requested that firefighters investigate a strange creature seen in a park in the northern district of Jardim Andere.

Two hours later, firefighters arrived to Jardim Andere to search in the park. Since they anticipated finding a wild animal, they brought appropriate equipment such as cages and nets.

According to journalists who have interviewed several witnesses, the firefighters climbed a steep hill in the most wooded park, where they were at awed by an extraordinary sighting.

The Firefighters see a bipedal creature:

Before them murmured a five foot tall bipedal creature, with red eyes and brown oily skin. Witnesses said the creature had three lumps on its forehead and a small opening in the face like a mouth. They also said that it was making a strange sound, like the buzzing of bees and seemed to be injured.

While the firefighters were capturing the creature, the group's leader was in contact with the nearest military base. The base commander, Gen. Sergio Coelho Lima, quickly sent his troops to isolate the park.

A construction worker, José Enrique, witnessed the incident from the roof of a neighbor's house next to the park and later told investigators that four firefighters trapped the creature with nets, imprisoned it in a wooden box and then handed it over to the military.

Three girls see another creature:

If General Lima was pleased with the efficiency of the operation, soon he would be disappointed. That same day a UFO researcher, Ubirajara Franco Rodrigues, who was unaware of that incident, was informed of another strange occurrence. A series of phone calls led Rodrigues to interview the three girls who said they had seen; at about 3:00 pm (15:00 hrs.), a creature huddled against the wall of a building in Jardim Andere (near where the first creature was captured). The girls told Rodrigues that the creature had three lumps on its forehead and looked like “the devil.” After the encounter they ran home terrified and told what had happened to the mother of two of them. Meanwhile, firefighters and soldiers had been warned by scared neighbors about the second creature, like the other, seemed to be injured. The street was filled with a multitude of people who saw the firemen and soldiers capturing the being and then it disappears.

It was just a matter of time before the paths of two fellow ufologists, Rodrigues and Pacaccini cross. Vitório Pacaccini was investigating the events of the morning without knowing the second incident and Rodrigues did not know the first. The two ufologists then realized they were investigating two separate cases. They joined forces to launch a campaign to request interviews with more witnesses.

The rumors of the capture of two aliens spread very quickly and the news was in the various magazines. Brazilian ufologists went to Varginha to find out exactly what had happened. Meetings were held; the local press was notified and then more than sixty witnesses got in contact with the investigators.

Unlike the vast majority of UFO cases, several of the witnesses were military personnel. Many families in Varginha had relatives serving in the armed forces and many have commented about the incident of January 20 at their homes. Witnesses informed investigators that the brother or husband had been a witness or someone who had intervened in one of the cases. They gave their names and functions to the investigators and they were quick to find them.

There was no doubt that the incidents occurred on the 20 of January in the district of Jardim Andere, but the researchers wanted to know what happened next. Since the witnesses gave their testimonies, a clearer picture had emerged.

Apparently, the first creature captured on Saturday morning, was taken to the "Escola de Sargentos de Três Corações" (School of Sergeants of Três Corações), a town southeast of Varginha. However, none of the authorities involved in the case revealed what happened next. Only it was learned that a policeman who was present at the incident in the morning had been wounded by the creature.

Two days later, police officer Marco Eli Chereze died in a local hospital. Officially, the cause of death was pneumonia, but when his family asked for more information, medical authorities refused to provide it. It was never known clearly what could have taken the life of the young officer of only 23 years of age, leaving his wife pregnant and who then had twins at the time of his death. The death of Chereze remains one of the great mysteries related to the Varginha case.

Pacaccini and Rodrigues found out that the second creature was admitted to “Hospital Regional” (a regional hospital) of Varginha in the last hours of the afternoon.

On the same day or the next morning the creature, like the other one was injured, was transferred to “hospital Humanitas” (Humanitas hospital) in Varginha, and located 1.5 km away from the other hospital. Humanitas hospital, according to medical sources, had more resources to treat its wounds.

Witnesses at Humanitas hospital said the creature did not survive and was pronounced dead at 6:00 pm (18:00 hrs.) on the afternoon of January 22nd. Soon thereafter, at least 15 doctors, many military officials, police and firefighters had entered the room where the creature laid in a wooden coffin. It seems that one of the doctors inserted a surgical tweezers/pincer inside creature's tiny mouth and slowly pulled out a white tongue. Then when he opened the pincer, the tongue immediately retracted back inside the mouth.

The same witnesses also said the creature had three fingers, and again, three bumps on his forehead. It had no sexual organs, nipples nor belly button. It seemed to have injured joints on its wrinkled legs and its skin coincided with the first descriptions: brown color and oily texture.

Immediately, the coffin lid was screwed and two soldiers wearing masks and gloves wrapped it in a black plastic cover before putting it into a truck parked outside. Early in the morning, a convoy of military trucks left Varginha. It is believed that the creature had been transported to the UNICAMP, some 320 kilometers south of Varginha.

During his investigations, Pacaccini interviewed a radar operator of the Brazilian air force. This operator revealed that the U.S. came in contact with the Brazilian military and informed them that they were tracking a UFO that had entered the Brazilian airspace. The alert came complete with longitude and latitude, but the Americans could not say if the UFO landed without an accident.

Pacaccini also found that in Varginha several appearances had occurred on the days before the incident. A farmer, Eurico de Freitas, explained how he and his wife had jumped out of bed when hearing their frightened animals. Looking out the bedroom window they saw a gray object that emitted “a kind of smoke” and moved silently over the fields near the ground about 5 meters. Then it disappeared into the darkness.

Pacaccini also considered the possibility that the two captive creatures had a human origin, possibly the result of a failed military experiment. If it is not the case, they might actually be extraterrestrials, whose spacecraft crashed near the Jardim Andere district, where the creatures were found.

But if an accident occurred, where was the place of impact? Pacaccini believes that its remains are being concealed by the military and says there is an official cover-up. Pacaccini has received countless of death threats through anonymous phone calls and learned that any military personnel who mentions his name is risking a ten-day detention.

It is also being mentioned that General Coelho Lima issued an order prohibiting the soldiers from speaking, or to come in contact with any Brazilian ufologist. But these measures did not prevent the other details from coming to the investigators.

This information suggests that there is an involvement of the Brazilian government or of the United States military in the case. It is believed that an American was present on the morning of January 20, when the first creature was captured. In the last hours of that day, a transport plane, possibly a C-5 or C-17 of the USAF (United States Air Force), was seen at the São Paulo airport. Two days later, the same aircraft appeared at the airport in Campinas, near the university where it is assumed the second creature was taken. The two creatures, one dead and one alive, were transferred to the United States?

There is more evidence of U.S. involvement. On April 1996, Luíza Silva, the mother of two of the girls who saw the second creature, said four foreigners visited her house. The men offered her a "large sum" to persuade her daughters to lie about the episode. When Mrs. Silva refused to do it, the men promised to return and left in a 1994 blue Lincoln.

New developments indicate that there was a third creature in the incident. On February 1996, when a driver made a turn on the road, his truck headlights illuminated a strange creature 50 meters away. When the frightened driver braked, he saw that the creature lifted his hand to protect its “blood-red eyes” from the light and then disappeared into the night. The driver also said that the being had three or four fingers on each hand.

There is no doubt that something extraordinary happened on January 20, 1996, but many questions still remain unanswered. What happened to the first creature? What were the results of the autopsy on the second creature? And if they were aliens, how did they come to that location and where is the ship? The investigation on the Varginha episode is far from being complete and has become one of the most important in the history of ufology.

The above was compiled from several Brazilian sources and translated from Brazilian Portuguese into English by Nelson C. Rivera (PRUFON).


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